if life's a gift - maybe I'm ungrateful

sometimes I hate gifts, pretty much all the time actually.. because it's seldom I appreciate them, and that is due to the fact that it's even more seldom I get something I really want or need, instead the consumerism thrives and fills my shelves with trash that I've been to coward to return (eventhough my aunts and uncles declared that I'm free to switch it for something else if I feel like it, because they've always kept the reciept). I think there is two reasons why I still never return the gifts: first I don't want to be percieved as ungrateful and second I don't want to hurt nobody's feelings.

at some point it is the same thing with life, but six hundred times worse. everybody keeps saying that life is a gift, and sure thing, it truly is, but still; you don't appreciate all your gifts. and then it extra bad with a gift like life; "sorry, we don't have any reciept for it and even if we did we wouldn't allow you to return it... but hey you can always put it in your shelf together with your pocket fan and your magnetic hot dog.

The worst thing is still that in, let say ten years, I will give the same gift to my children aswell, poor innocent children who don't have any clue what they've recieved..

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2009-03-26 @ 22:25:53
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